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5 Reasons Green Shield prefers TruNorth to Trex

Green Shield compares Trex and TruNorth composite decking. Discover why TruNorth's innovative technology, direct-to-manufacturer model, and industry experience make it a top choice.



When it comes to choosing the right composite decking for your home, there are a lot of options available on the market. Trex is one of the biggest players in the market but you have to go through a distributor to acquire their products. That means you get hit with the cost of middlemen. Trex delivers a high quality product, but there are competitors that deliver a bit better quality at a lower cost. One of these competitors is TruNorth.

TruNorth stands out as a more favorable option with their direct-to-manufacture business model that eliminates the need for middlemen. We use TruNorth products to build our decks here at Green Shield and we’re passionate about the quality they provide beyond saving you money. 

Here are 5 reasons why we prefer TruNorth to Trex.


1. Experience and Innovation

TruNorth has over 50 years of experience in the recycled plastics industry and is known for developing high-quality composite products using superior extrusion and mold methods. They are the only company that offers both non-wood based and PVC-free capped rice hull composite decking. This proprietary rice hull fiber composite is proven to resist water penetration which prevents mold, rot, and swelling. TruNorth's decking boards are also encapsulated on both sides, allowing for future flipping of the boards in case of damage.

In addition to their experience and innovative materials, TruNorth is dedicated to sustainability. They use 100% recycled plastics in their products and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint through their manufacturing processes. Their rice hull composite decking is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood decking, as it is made from agricultural waste and does not contribute to deforestation. By choosing TruNorth decking, customers can feel good about supporting a company that prioritizes the environment.

Furthermore, TruNorth's commitment to innovation can be seen in their use of advanced technology in their manufacturing process. They have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and employ skilled professionals to ensure the highest quality of production. TruNorth is constantly researching and developing new composite materials to enhance the performance and durability of their decking products. As a result, customers can expect decking that not only looks great but also stands up to the elements and withstands the test of time.



2. Direct-to-Manufacturer Business Model

TruNorth offers a direct-to-manufacturer business model, which means cheaper products for their customers. This eliminates any middlemen in the supply chain, resulting in fewer supply chain issues and reducing costs for customers.

TruNorth's direct-to-manufacturer business model is not only advantageous for customers in terms of cost and speed of delivery, but it also allows for greater control over the manufacturing process. By having a direct line of communication with customers, TruNorth is able to better understand their needs and preferences, leading to the development of more personalized and tailored products. Additionally, this business model allows for more efficient production and a reduced environmental impact by minimizing transportation and energy usage.



3. Color Options

TruNorth offers a wider range of colors to choose from than Trex, giving customers more options to find the perfect decking color for their home. Once you start playing with multiple colors on one deck, the combinations can feel endless.

If you’re having trouble choosing your perfect color, TruNorth has more information for you here.

Check out our gallery to see some of our beautiful decks in action.




4. Heat Blocking Technology

TruNorth decking features advanced heat blocking technology for deck surfaces that are up to 35% cooler than the competition. This allows for year-round barefoot enjoyment and pet-friendly outdoor living.

Furthermore, TruNorth's heat blocking technology helps to prevent the expansion and contraction of the decking boards that can occur with extreme temperature changes. This can lead to warping and buckling of the boards, which not only detracts from the appearance of the deck but can also pose a safety hazard. With TruNorth's decking, customers can rest assured that their deck will maintain its shape and integrity even in hot summer temperatures.

In addition to its cooling properties, TruNorth's heat blocking technology also offers superior protection against fading and staining caused by prolonged sun exposure. This technology helps to keep the deck looking new and vibrant for longer, reducing the need for costly maintenance and frequent replacements. With TruNorth's decking, customers can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance deck for years to come.




5. Superior Strength and Durability

TruNorth's decking products feature exclusive, proprietary Korelite technology, which is engineered with a higher density top and bottom, providing a dense cell structure for superior strength underfoot.

TruNorth's Korelite technology also ensures exceptional durability as it resists scratches, stains, fading, and moisture. Their decking is resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, and it won't splinter or warp over time, making it a safe and long-lasting choice for outdoor living spaces. With a 25-year limited warranty on their products, TruNorth stands behind the quality and durability of their decking, giving customers peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

Korelite technology is the foundation of their superior strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor living spaces. Not only is it engineered with a dense cell structure, but it also resists scratches, stains, fading, and moisture. Additionally, TruNorth's decking is resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, making it a safe and long-lasting option. With their 25-year limited warranty, customers can trust in the quality and durability of TruNorth's decking products for years to come.

You can learn more about TruNorth's superior technology here.




Green Shield Uses TruNorth

TruNorth is a more favorable option compared to Trex for customers looking for high-quality composite decking products. TruNorth's commitment to innovation, direct-to-manufacturer business model, color options, heat blocking technology, and superior strength and durability make it a top choice for those seeking a beautiful, long-lasting and hassle-free decking solution.

When you work with Green Shield, these exceptional products from TruNorth are what we provide because we want to deliver craftsmanship, not compromises. Never stain your deck again and do it in style with a beautiful composite deck powered by TruNorth boards.

Start working with Michigan’s #1 Deck Builder today!

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