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What is the Best Decking Material?


Dreaming of a dashing deck without the drudgery? Look no further! Green Shield Deck Builders, Michigan's numero uno deck-building maestros, exclusively offers composite decking, the crème de la crème of decking materials that'll have your neighbors green with envy. Say goodbye to the drawbacks of traditional decks and hello to a brighter future with composite decking.

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Composite Decking: The Low-Maintenance, High-Fashion Phenomenon

Composite decking is the trendsetter that leaves traditional decks in the dust. With a chic concoction of rice husk (exclusive to Green Shields Composite Decking) and plastics, this wonder material scoffs at fading, staining, and mold. Say goodbye to endless upkeep and hello to a lifetime transferable warranty from Green Shield Deck Builders on all composite decking installations.


Why PVC Decking Falls Short for Some

While PVC decking may boast a lightweight, weather-resistant profile, it lacks the natural appearance and warmth of composite decking. This decking material is often costly, and is susceptible to scratches and lower overall durability.


The Limitations of Wood Decking

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Wood decking may have a timeless charm, but its high-maintenance nature and susceptibility to moisture, insects, and mold make it a less-than-ideal option for modern homeowners. We have consciously decided not to offer wood decking, focusing instead on providing customers with the superior, low-maintenance choice of composite materials.




Why Green Shield Deck Builders Deserve a Standing Ovation:

- Michigan's #1 Composite Deck Builder: Our craftsmanship and quality are the talk of the town.

- Free Estimates: We'll give you the lowdown on your dream composite deck without busting your wallet.

- Financing Options: Investing in a showstopping composite deck? We've got your back with flexible financing.

- Lifetime Warranty: Our composite decking installations come with a warranty for the ages.

- 30-Day Price Guarantee: We're confident our prices are music to your ears - and we'll prove it!

- Jaw-Dropping Before and After Photos: Our dazzling project gallery will leave you starstruck.

Ready to roll out the red carpet for your dream composite deck? Contact Green Shield Deck Builders for a free estimate, and let us transform your outdoor space into the toast of the neighborhood!

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