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Community Outreach

Supporting the community is vital to Green Shield Deck Builders. We chose to build this business in West Michigan for a reason. We love its people, culture, and its heart. Our team is proud to work and live here.


Free Radon Tests

One of our founding partners inspired Green Shield to serve the community in this way. When her parents suffered long-term Radon exposure in their home, exposure that could have fatal consequences, she knew she needed to raise awareness and support for this serious-yet-invisible  problem.

  • Radon has no smell or taste
  • Radon is the leading cause of death in the home 
  • The only way to know if there's a problem is a test
  • Radon is known to cause cancer


Estimated number of deaths from lung and bronchus cancer in Michigan


Estimated number of new lung and bronchus cancer in Michigan

Local recycling

As we work on countless home projects that are notorious for filling huge dumpsters and getting sent to the landfill, we hope to reduce waste in our neighborhoods by donating reusable materials to local foundations that help the community. Everything that can be is recycled locally.

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Lifting the burden

It was an honor to serve this couple by building a wheelchair ramp. Click the link to see the whole story.

“Adam and his crew were fantastic. They were professional, friendly, and hard working. They done Roof and Siding for my home. Thank you Green Shield Home.
Jack T.